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The Joker film will not be shown in the “Aurora” theater

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The cinema in the city of Aurora in Colorado where a shooter who resembled The Joker caused a massacre during a screening of a Batman film, will not show the new Joker film. That reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“When I see a trailer for The Joker, I see the killer again”

In this way the theater meets the request of relatives of the twelve dead who fell in the shooting and seventy people that were injured. The relatives sent an open letter to the Warner Bros. studio on Tuesday. They are worried and angry that the studio has made a new film about the character The Joker.

“We call on Warner to join the growing number of companies that understand that they have a social responsibility to keep us safe in this country,” the relatives of the fatalities say. They want Warner to make a financial donation to organizations that fight against the enormous possession of weapons in the US.

The family members are very upset that Warner made a new film about The Joker, the character that would have inspired the killer in 2012. “When I see a trailer for The Joker, I see the killer again.” Moreover, the writers of the letter fear that another madman will be inspired by the cut-up, anarchist murderer.

In the new Joker film, which won the Golden Lion in Venice as the best title in the competition, the history of the famous character from the Batman series is told. Leading actor Joaquin Phoenix is ​​often tipped for an Oscar for his oppressive interpretation. It would be the second time that an actor wins an Oscar for The Joker; previously he also succeeded Heath Ledger, for his rendition in The Dark Knight from 2008

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