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The Wolf of Wall Street was financed by real financial wolves

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In The Wolf of Wall Street it looked very funny back then to see how people with shady practices got rich – as if it is not true for today. In reality, this true story was of course not so funny, given that many people and companies lost a lot of money due to the scamming practices of Jordan Belfort, whose life the film is based on. In the meantime, the film seems to be a case of ‘life imitating art’ with retroactive effect.

Earlier, Low Taek Jho, a Malaysian billionaire, was already suspected of hiding millions. The billionaire channeled money away for years through an investment fund thanks to well thought out constructions. He tried to circumvent persecution by offering a billion to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, who, however, had no regard for this. Then he just fled. Together with Malaysian film producer Riza Aziz, he bought the rights to the book The Wolf of Wall Street at the time.

Real money wolves financed the film

Even during the opening titles of the film, ‘Low’ was thanked by the makers. Together with Riza Aziz, he financed a large part of the film recordings. Aziz is also the son-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is now also being prosecuted for abuse of power, because he too is allegedly involved in this plot.

The scandal already partly came to light last year. Meanwhile, Aziz has finally been arrested and new information has surfaced. According to the American government, this is a huge amount of 4.5 billion dollars that was stolen, with which the gentlemen also financed the film. In the U.S. they have already been able to pay off their case, but Malaysia now wants to pursue them further.

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