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Tourists evacuated from Swiss mountain: “We couldn’t go down anymore”

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In Stans, Switzerland, nearly two hundred people, including the Dutch, were taken from a mountain by helicopter after a defect in a cable car. According to Karen Beijer, who was stuck with her family on the mountain, the operation was performed with enormous precision.

Three helicopters flew in and out, and below were buses and taxis ready to take us to our cars. We even got free tickets to go upstairs again.

The evacuation took place around 6.30 pm after it became clear that the Stanserhorn visitors could no longer enter the valley in any other way. The safety system of the mountain railways carried out an emergency stop due to a defective bearing in one of the reversing wheels.

Karen Beijer from Hoofddorp, who is on his way to Italy with his husband and two children, arrived on Friday for an overnight stay near the mountain.

We had some time left and thought it would be nice to go up the mountain. We walked around a bit, and around seven we heard we couldn’t go down. Soon the helicopters arrived. Because we had two children, we were allowed to go with the second helicopter.

At the time of the outage there were also 27 passengers in two open cabins. They could be brought to safety via an emergency solution. In addition to the Beijer family, there were almost two hundred people who were on the 1900-meter-high summit. They had to be evacuated by air. “There was also a wedding going on,” says Hoofddorp. “Those people were the last to be brought down.”

Around a quarter to ten in the evening everyone was down the mountain. No one has been in danger, the operator’s director Jürg Balsiger emphasized. The bearing is expected to be repaired today and the job will be opened again.

So for Beijer and her family, the outing took an unexpected turn.

It was not the first helicopter flight for me, but it was for my daughters. You could hear that from the screams during the flight, haha!

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