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Wrong Michelle Williams congratulated on getting Emmy

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Not actress Michelle Williams (39), but the former Destiny’s Child singer with the same name has been overloaded with comments and congratulations since the Emmy’s presentation last Sunday. The musician announced on Instagram that they are now a bit finished with that.

“How is it possible that if you tag you don’t see that I am black?”

Actress Michelle won an Emmy on Sunday for her role in the mini series Fosse / Verdon. In her speech, she denounced the lagging salaries for women, and female minorities in particular. Apparently, many social media users had something to say about that, but they massively focused on the singer’s accounts. The actress is not on social media at all.

“Let me make something clear. How is it possible that if you tag, you don’t see that I am black? If you search for Michelle Williams, you will see my profile picture?” the musician wondered. In a live video she stated that she received many congratulations in addition to comments that were meant for her namesake.

The singer emphasized that she does support the speech of her namesake. “I thought it was great. I think she got the facts, but I can be wrong. But if you don’t agree, first look at the profile picture before tagging me and scolding me for something I didn’t say. “

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