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Viewers notice a striking error in Expedition Robinson

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Nowadays everyone can share with social media what stands out on television. Expedition Robinson has a huge number of fans who also pay attention to every detail. The same applies to the last episode, where Nicolette Kluijver (35) seems to have made a mistake. Please note: this article contains spoilers about the most recent episode of Expeditie Robinson.

“I’m breaking down”

Errors are made with every program. Game of Thrones came under fire after a Starbuck cup was accidentally shot in the shot. If they can get away with it, Expedition Robinson certainly can. Nevertheless, the program on Twitter has to deal with the attentive viewers who put each scene under a magnifying glass. And this time it is the turn of presenter Nicolette and her many movements in the program.

Although it may look like this, some parts of the program must be re-recorded. And this time the makers have forgotten something. “Judging by the footsteps, this wasn’t Nicolette’s first take,” said an accurate Expedition Robinson fan. And it produces a lot of laughter: “I’m going to die”, “Don’t forget the human foot crab that lives there!” and many smiling emojis appear under the post.

In addition to minor mistakes, it is mainly the conspiracies and revenues that impress the viewers. Last Sunday farewell was said to Kalvin and Kim. In Robinson Confessions, the blonde tells how she really felt about her decline, her rival Mariana and what it was like to come home. View the episode below.

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