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Why the Queen leaves Christmas decorations hanging in February

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While most people remove the Christmas decorations in January, Queen Elizabeth (93) leaves her balls hanging until February. The reason for that? You can call that heartbreaking.

If one woman in the British royal family loves traditions, then it is the Queen. For example, the same Christmas menu is served every year and the date on which the decoration is removed cannot be discussed. The estate of Elizabeth remains in fact decorated until today, February 6.

But what is the reason for the British Queen to keep the Sandringham estate in the Christmas spirit for a month longer? Although the Queen is still staying here in December and January, there is another cause. And that has everything to do with her father.

Dead father
The date February 6 has been dear to Elizabeth since 1952. It is the day her beloved father King George VI died. Because he has blown his last breath at Sandringham, the queen wants the decoration to stay until his death. In this way she can reflect on her father’s death and celebrate his life every year.

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