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Will Smith will fight against extra pounds

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During a new episode of the Facebook Live show Red Table Talk, Will Smith (50) came to sit with his wife Jada (48), the presenter, at the table with the rest of their family. Their Son Jaden (21) and daughter Willow (18), Will’s son from an earlier marriage, Trey (26), and Jada’s mother also joined and discussed the Will’s weight, who according to them and himself is heavy.

“I ate everything and whenever I felt like it. I’m not going to do that anymore ”

“I weighed almost 103 kilos, I’ve never been that heavy,” said Will, who honestly confessed to be a happy eater. “When we were on vacation, I ate five fresh muffins made by our chef every morning. For lunch, I took a cocktail with some vodka. Then I went back to sleep and I did that for ten consecutive days. To at the end of the ride I weighed 103 kilos, three kilos more than when I trained so hard for my role as Muhammed Ali. ”

His family members called him a big prop, which the actor could still laugh about at first. Until he realized that he did not want to continue like this. “I started a 10-day juice treatment but that went wrong because I also use medication for my blood pressure. That treatment made my blood pressure dangerously low. I quit and also stopped taking the medication when everything was back to normal”

“I was wondering if I should use those pills because of my bad eating habits, which I think was. They sometimes say that you are what you eat and in my case I was just a food addict. I ate everything and whenever I felt like it. I’m not going to do that anymore. “

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