At least 17,000 Afghan refugees are waiting at US military bases in Germany for a flight to the United States. The Afghans were recently evacuated from their country after the taliban took control there.

General Tod Wolters, the commander of the US forces in Europe, said in a video interview with journalists that the refugees are currently being checked and one suspect has so far been arrested as a result of those checks.

At Ramstein Air Base in western Germany there are currently 12,000 Afghan refugees who have been evacuated from Kabul in recent weeks. Some 5,000 Afghans are temporarily housed at another US Army base in the country, Rhine Ordnance Barracks. They are located in tents and hangars on the airport grounds.

According to Wolters, U.S. military bases in Italy and Spain currently house 4300 Afghan refugees pending the controls. Refugees are checked twice before they fly to the US: Once Upon arrival at the military bases, once before leaving for the US. A suspect is in custody, but poses “no serious threat”.

The general commends the help of the German, Spanish and Italian authorities, from whom he receives ‘100%’ support. A total of 123,000 people are said to have been removed from Kabul after the taliban came to power.

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