Prime Minister Johnson is not ready to conclude a trade agreement with the European Union if European judges hold the final say on conflicts. In that case he would prefer a looser relationship, report British media.

Johnson will deliver a comprehensive speech tomorrow, setting out his views on trade relations with the EU. It is the British opening volley in the negotiations on future cooperation with Europe after the Brexit. Some British media are already writing about the content of the speech.

Now that Britain has left the EU, there is an eleven-month transition period in which the country still falls under European rules. The country will negotiate the final agreement in the coming months.

Government sources say that Johnson will present two options: a trade relationship such as with Canada, or a somewhat looser relationship such as the EU has with Australia. In both cases, Great Britain will retain control over environmental and labor rules, government intervention and production standards.

“Now that the Brexit is a fact, we want to be treated equally,” a spokesperson told The Sun. “We are completely independent and do not want to keep old obligations in the negotiations on a free trade agreement.”

While talks with the EU are ongoing, Johnson will also try to conclude agreements with the US, Switzerland, Australia and Japan.

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