Finland is going to abolish almost all Corona measures by March 1. Prime minister Sanna Marin announced this today. Wearing a mouth mask and maintaining social distance are still recommended. The Swedish government will also announce on Thursday that the restrictions will expire on 9 February because the situation in healthcare is stable. Switzerland is also considering cleaning up this month. From tomorrow already applies green quarantine obligation more for everyone who came into contact with someone who is infected.

With the current high infection rates, the quarantine has lost all meaning, the Swiss government informs today. Those who are infected must still go into self-isolation. The obligation to work from home expires on Thursday. The Swiss government intends to take the decision on the possible termination of all Corona measures on February 16, after consultation with the cantons.

The Swiss government has two proposals ready: a first option foresees to put an end to almost all measures on February 17, but then the infection rates and the occupation in the hospitals must decrease. Infected people will always have to self-isolate. The second option works gradually. First, the 2G rule in restaurants would be abolished, last, the mouth mask obligation on public transport.

On February 16, it will also be decided whether the test obligation for unvaccinated or recovered and contact tracing will be lifted.

In Finland, the bullet is already through the church: the plug will be pulled there on March 1. From the middle of February there are already no restrictions on the number of visitors to cultural and sporting events.

Finnish restaurants and bars should now stop serving alcohol at 20 O’clock. From mid-February, this can be done up to 23 hours and from March 1, all restrictions will be referred to the trash. At the beginning of March, the nightclubs can also open again.

As in other European countries, the much more contagious Omikron variant of the coronavirus caused Covid-19 infections to rise rapidly in Finland, but according to the government, the vaccinations have proven their worth. Despite the many infections, the pressure on the health system remained stable.

Sweden is also scrapping almost all Corona measures, according to Swedish media. The situation in the care is stable and the Omikron variant turns out to be milder than previous variants. In addition, in the meantime, enough people have been vaccinated.

Previously, all Corona rules were changed in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the infection rates were already falling well, in Sweden and Norway they were still at unprecedented heights.

Finland is a little slower. By only releasing the brakes from 14 February, it is now possible to evaluate how Denmark and Norway will withstand the lifting of the restrictions.

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