The Japanese voters have given the Liberal Democratic Party LDP of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida a huge election victory. After counting all the votes, the party appears to have secured 63 of the 125 electable seats in the House of Lords. Together with coalition partner Komeito, the party seized 76 electoral seats. As a whole, the coalition now holds 146 of the 248 seats, while 125 are needed for a majority.

Prime Minister Kishida thus has sufficient support to implement reforms. The country’s economy has been faltering since the outbreak of the corona crisis, and food and energy prices are causing problems for many Japanese.

After the election victory, the discussion about amending the pacifist constitution of the country will also flare up again. It was established in 1947 by the American occupation forces. Japan is not allowed to have a standing army. The LPD believes that the Constitution harms Japan’s security position and wants to replace or amend the Constitution.
Abe’s death casts a shadow

The main proponent of that constitutional renewal was the Japanese ex-prime minister Shinzo Abe. The election was overshadowed by his death. Abe, 67, was shot on Friday while campaigning for the election. He died a few hours later in the hospital. On Saturday, the campaign resumed. Politicians wanted to show that they will not succumb to terror.

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