Former president Donald Trump has hinted at a return to the US election campaign in a speech at a Republican rally. “I’ll probably have to do it again,” he told his supporters in Texas. “To make our country successful, safe and glorious again.”

The 76-year-old Trump again refused to recognize his election defeat in 2020 against Joe Biden. “I was elected twice. I won twice. I did much better the second time than before,” Trump said Saturday night in Robstown.

That he might try again has been known for some time, but the Republican has not spoken about it for some time. “My fellow citizens, this incredible journey we are making together is just beginning.”

In his speech, Trump referred to the”silent majority” of American voters, who are”back stronger than ever before ” and should bring him victory.

It was the first public appearance of the ex-president after it became clear this week that Trump is called to testify before the committee of Parliament investigating the bloody storming of the Capitol in Washington. Trump was subpoenaed for testimony on or around November 14, but is expected to challenge that decision. Also, the previous president must hand over documents before November 4.

The commission of inquiry says it has collected “overwhelming evidence”, US media report. Shortly after a speech by Trump at the Capitol, thousands of supporters stormed the parliament building in an attempt to stop Trump’s electoral defeat. The Republican openly ridiculed the committee on Saturday. “They’ve been looking at me for a long time. … They didn’t find anything.”

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