Parties in Germany and Austria disagree with leaked plans by the European Union to also see some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as sustainable investments. ”Unacceptable”, Austrian Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler called the plans in a radio interview with the station ORF. She wants these to be adjusted, otherwise, according to her, there is a chance of legal action.

Deputy Leader Ricarda Lang of the German coalition party the Greens called the plans a form of greenwashing in a tv interview on Monday. That is when companies or organizations appear greener than they actually are.

With the plans leaked via Reuters news agency last week, Brussels wants to counter that. The idea is to give investments in, for example, gas plants a green label if they only have very limited CO2 emissions and replace a more polluting plant. Nuclear power plants should be seen as sustainable if they meet certain environmental requirements. The proposal is expected to come out officially later this month.

Germany wants to close all nuclear power plants there by the end of this year. ” Germany cannot accept this proposal, ” said Lang. Opponents are still trying to adjust the plans. Later it becomes more difficult to stop the plans. This requires the support of a majority of EU countries, which is seen as unlikely by the Bloomberg News Agency. Oo

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