Leaders of the Greens and the FDP have had “good” first talks about possible cooperation in a new German government. That’s what both parties said.

They did not want to say what had been discussed in terms of content. That was so agreed, said Secretary-General of the FDP Volker Wissing. There will be a second interview on Friday.

The two parties play a key role in what the new coalition in Germany will look like. The key question: Do they opt for a coalition with the Social Democrats of the SPD or with the centre-right CDU/CSU?

There are considerable differences of opinion within the parties; there are many differences between the liberal FDP and the more left-wing Greens.

Last night it became clear that the parties were sitting down after Green leader Annalena Baerbock and FDP head erasing had posted a selfie on Instagram showing the four main people within the parties. They wrote in their messages, which were exactly the same, that they were looking for similarities. “And we even found a few. Exciting times.”

In the German elections last weekend, Olaf Scholz’S SPD was the winner, with 25.7% of the vote. The CDU/CSU of Armin Laschet and outgoing Chancellor Merkel achieved the worst national result in its history with 24.1 percent.

The Greens achieved the best result ever with 14.8 percent. The FDP followed with 11.5 percent.

It is well known that the Greens prefer to work with the SPD. Together with the FDP, this would lead to the so-called traffic light coalition, which refers to the colors of the parties (green, red and yellow). A coalition with the CDU/CSU is preferred by the FDP; the Jamaica coalition (black, green and yellow).

The FDP and the Greens will soon also consult individually with the SPD and CDU/CSU. For example, Baerbock is with the SPD on Sunday and next week with the CDU / CSU. The FDP will be meeting the two parties next weekend.

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