The export of plastic waste from European and other Western countries must have ended. That is the opinion of Dutch State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management).

Van Veldhoven will argue for this at the G20 meeting on environment and energy in Karuizawa in Japan on Saturday. This meeting is being held for the first time and will continue on Sunday. The Netherlands is present as a host country.

“Western countries should no longer export plastic waste. Not to Malaysia, not to Indonesia, nowhere. We must be able to process our own plastic waste ourselves instead of sending it by boat to other parts of the world. We need to make agreements about this in an international context, “says Van Veldhoven.

China has already stopped importing plastic waste from the Western world. Last month, Malaysia decided to send 3000 tons of illegal plastic waste back to the countries of origin. The plastic should be recycled, but is sometimes dumped or burned.

The State Secretary will also discuss a ban on the export of plastic waste with the new European Commissioner who will soon be responsible for environmental policy.

The Dutch Cabinet aims to use 50% less resources by 2030. The Dutch economy must be fully circular by 2050.

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