The German government rejected the Polish request for negotiations on reparations resulting from the Second World War. This was announced by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

According to the German government, the track of reparations and reparations for the damage caused by the war has been closed, it says in a communiqué of the ministry. “Germany has no intention of starting negotiations on that issue.”

Warsaw estimates the damage Nazi Germany inflicted on Poland at 1,300 billion euros, revealed in September after a Polish parliamentary commission of inquiry. Poland is now asking the United Nations for “cooperation and support so that Poland can receive the reparations for the damage caused by the German aggression and occupation between 1939 and 1945”.

According to Germany, Poland has already renounced reparations in 1953 and has confirmed this several times since then. For this reason, Berlin has already refused to pay reparations to Greece.

However, the Polish conservative government disputes the validity of the 1953 agreement, arguing that the country was then acting under pressure from the Soviet Union.

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