With two months to go as president of the United States, Donald Trump last week considered attacking a nuclear power plant in Iran.

That was confirmed by a senior American official in front of the New York Times newspaper on Tuesday. Trump would have asked what options there were to attack the nuclear power plant.

The incident would have taken place on Thursday at a meeting with the main national security advisers in the Oval Office. Vice President Mike Pence, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, new Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and senior military officer Mark Milley were also present, the source said to The New York Times.

He also said that the advisors Trump presented with the different scenarios and that the president eventually renounced the attack. The White House refuses to comment on the story.

Trump has been on a hard course towards Iran throughout his presidency. In 2018 Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear agreement signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, with Iran. The president also imposed economic sanctions against several Iranians and Iranian organizations.

Trumps ‘ question about Iran’s attack options came a day after the United Nations atomic watchdog reported that Iran had moved nuclear centrifuges from above the ground to an underground facility. These installations are used for enriching uranium.

In January Trump decided to launch a drone strike against Iran’s high-ranking general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, killing Soleimani. However, the president has avoided large-scale deployment of troops and has tried to withdraw American troops wherever possible.

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