Russia fired missiles at a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border. According to Maxim Kozitsky, the head of the Lviv regional military administration, four people were injured in the attack on the military complex near Javoriv. The Kremlin says eighty Polish mercenaries were killed in the attack. Both claims have not been confirmed by independent parties.

Two of the six missiles fired from the Black Sea could still be intercepted. The other four descended on the base, Kozitsky said in a video message. In March, a Russian attack on the same base left at least 35 dead. The complex in Javoriv is located about eighteen kilometers from the Polish border.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians have lost another city, which was deemed as an important.

Ukrainian troops completely withdrew from the city of Severodonetsk within “a few days”. This is stated in the latest report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The ISW is based on Ukraine’s local military official in the city, which has been heavily fought over for weeks. Severodonetsk is one of the last cities in Donbas-Lugansk region that is not yet fully owned by the Russians.

The military think tank writes on the basis of Pentagon sources that with the withdrawal, the Ukrainians hope to be able to better defend other places in the Donbas, in order to further exhaust the Russian troops. The battle for Severodonetsk would have demanded a lot from both sides. For example, yesterday the governor of the Lugansk region, Serhi Hajdaj, already advocated the abandonment of Severodonetsk. “Because staying in the same positions, just to be fired at for months, makes no sense,” he said.

The Ukrainians are now taking positions in and around Lysychansk near Severodonetsk, writes ISW, where they have the strategic advantage of fighting from higher ground. Otherwise, they would be able to hold back Russian troops for a long time if they manage not to be encircled.

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