The proposal from Carrie Lam is an attempt to deal with the month-long crisis, where the opposition protests against a new bill that would mean that criminals can be extradited to mainland China. The bill is seen by the opponents as a threat to Hong Kong’s relative independence.

According to a spokesperson, Lam has recently begun to invite young people with different backgrounds to meetings, including university students and young people who have recently participated in protests.

Students have played a prominent role during the protests. Two student associations have turned down Carrie Lams invite down, others are undecided.

The Student Union of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, one of eight major universities, has rejected the offer and states that Lam offered a meeting behind closed doors.

“The dialogue must be open to all Hong Kong residents to participate in and give everyone the right to speak,” the association said in a statement.

According to Lam’s spokesman, the meeting would be held “small-scale and behind closed doors to ensure deep and honest exchanges of views”.

“We want to ask if the government sincerely wants to communicate with young people or whether it is just another political show,” said Jordan Pang, who represents the Hong Kong University Student Union.

A Hong Kong street artist has been sentenced for a crime. He is the first to formally be eligible for the extradition law.

Three major peaceful protests have been held, but protesters have also besieged the police headquarters on June 21 and stormed the parliament. The 31-year-old man is also accused of annoying behavior for his involvement in the siege, and for throwing eggs against the police.

The authorities have promised to bring those responsible for the troubles to justice. The man can be sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

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