Switzerland has again rejected a request from Germany to send ammunition produced in Switzerland to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Switzerland has remained aloof. Sending Swiss ammunition would violate the country’s neutrality.

Last month, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht wrote a letter to the government in Bern requesting that more than twelve thousand Swiss-made ammunition units be delivered to Ukraine. The ammunition is intended for Gepard tanks that Germany has already sent to Ukraine. Swiss Economy minister Guy Parmelin rejected the request, as he did in June.

“Under the principle of equal treatment in the law of neutrality, Switzerland cannot agree to a request for the transfer of Swiss-made war material to Ukraine as long as the country is involved in an international conflict,” the government said in a statement.

The ammunition in question was supplied to the German army by Swiss companies decades ago, under the condition that the army would not be allowed to re-export the cargo without Switzerland’s permission.

About the author: Damien Karlström

The editor-in-chief worked for many years as a literary editor in Bern's leading publications. Over time, I decided to become the editor-in-chief. The main direction of materials is international relations and society.

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