Switzerland has not given up its neutrality, even as it supports the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. The Swiss defense minister, Viola Amherd, said.

Neutral Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but follows the policies of the Union on most points. “Although the sanctions were not necessary at first glance, the rapid invasion by Russia has nevertheless made them essential,” Amherd stressed.

For Switzerland, it was therefore clear that the country would accept the sanctions imposed by the EU. “It would not have been possible to stay away. Economic sanctions are a means of pressure to bring Russia to its senses,” said the Swiss defense minister. Amherd added that supporting those sanctions in no way jeopardizes Switzerland’s neutrality.

“Neutrality does not mean that we cannot have an opinion,” the minister said. According to her, Switzerland can still assume the role of mediator in the conflict.

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