Switzerland has expelled a Russian businessman with ties to the Kremlin to the United States. The Russian, Vladislav Klyushin, was arrested in March this year at the request of the Americans. He is accused of having, along with others, hacked data from American companies. Trading in it would have made tens of millions of dollars.

Kljoeshin tried to fight his extradition. According to him, the charges were fabricated and he won’t get a fair trial in the United States. A Swiss court ruled last week that there is no reason to doubt the independence of the United States and gave the final green light for extradition.

The businessman was escorted by American policemen to Zurich airport last night, from where his plane left for the US.

Kljoeshin is the owner of the company M31, which makes money by monitoring media and services in the field of digital security. On the site of M31 it says that the company works for the Office of the Russian president and the Russian government.

Russia has reacted angrily and speaks of a”hasty extradition”. A Kremlin spokesman says there is “a new episode in Washington’s hunt for Russian citizens in third countries”. Tensions between Russia and the United States have increased in recent times, mainly because of the situation in Ukraine.

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