An American judge holds the government largely responsible for the massacre at a church in Texas in 2017. 26 people were killed and 22 were injured. The gunman Devin Patrick Kelley should never have bought the guns he used for the shooting. The former US Air Force military had a history of domestic violence. A previous court-martial conviction was never introduced into a nationwide information system used to track down someone who wants to buy a weapon.

The judge’s verdict refutes the government’s claim that she could not have foreseen the shooting. According to the judge, no one else knew as much about Kelley’s violent past and what he was capable of as the government.

The state is therefore held 60% responsible for the Sutherland Springs massacre. The ruling is especially important for the relatives who have sued the government.

Kelley, who is held 40% responsible by the judge himself, shot himself after the massacre while being pursued by the police.

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