The United States took over airports, just over a hundred years before the aircraft was invented, said Donald Trump in his national day speech. The president’s lack of history knowledge has invoked an avalanche of laughter, jokes and mockery.

In heavy rain, Donald Trump held his speech in Washington DC during the celebration of National Day July 4th. During the speech, he praised the Revolutionary Army, which in 1775–1783 fought for US independence from Britain.

But when the president went into details about how it all went to, many national day celebrities noticed something strange…

“Our army manned the air, hit through ramparts and took over airports,” he said.

There were, of course, neither aircraft nor airports in the 18th century – it would be over a hundred years before the first aircraft was invented. However, it was not long before social media swam over by jokes, mockery and clipped images.

“Washington at the Battle of Baggage Delivery,” writes a person on Twitter under a picture where George Washington, commander of the colonies’ common army, and his men were cut in a baggage belt at an airport.

Modern aircraft have been pasted into depictions of the War of Liberty where soldiers with sabres are fighting against each other, and fictitious letters from soldiers writing home to complain that they have been delayed due to canceled flights are scattered in numbers.

The United States National Day is commemorated on July 4, 1776, when 13 colonies in the United States declared themselves independent of Britain.

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