US President Donald Trump has called on politicians to come up with a law for a more thorough background check on the purchase of weapons. He does so after shootings in Texas and Ohio, where 29 people were killed this weekend.

Because of the two massacres, the discussion about readily available weapons flared up again. The perpetrators, men aged 21 and 24, were able to purchase automatic weapons without any problems.

In a speech today, Trump also came up with the idea of keeping a close eye on social media. According to the president, hate thoughts flourish on social media and attackers get ideas there.

In the speech he blamed, among other things, computer games for the violence in the country. He also wants the death penalty for attackers and shooters at mass shootings.

“That must be done quickly. Such people should not remain in prison for years.”

Trump further said that racism and hate crimes have no place in the United States.

“These dark ideologies must be defeated. Hate pulls the trigger, the gun does not do that itself.”

The president did not come up with a proposal to amend the arms law in the country, except for the background checks.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted that “Democrats and Republicans must work together for good background checks, possibly together with the much needed new immigration legislation.”

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