President Donald Trump has strongly criticized China’s position in trade negotiations with the United States. According to Trump, it is pure reluctance that the Chinese continue to refuse to buy American farm machinery. China would also “drop off” the US.

The president first came on Twitter with hard language. He later spoke briefly with journalists. Trump then stated that China is willing to make certain concessions, but that he still doubts whether he will accept those concessions. The American leader emphasized that the last word in trade negotiations is up to him, not to the Chinese.

Trump’s comments came at a critical moment. In China, high-level consultations were again held between the two parties. A shocked response was therefore given to the financial markets. Both in Europe and in the US the stock market indicators went down on Tuesday afternoon.

Incidentally, Trump already stated on Friday that a trade deal could take a while. He even takes into account that China only wants to sign after the US presidential election in 2020, because Beijing would prefer to make a deal with a Democrat.

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