Since he moved into the White House in early 2017, US President Donald Trump has shared at least 145 tweets from others in which conspiracy theories or extremist beliefs occurred. According to research by The New York Times.

The American daily newspaper on Saturday presented an investigation into the approximately eleven thousand tweets that Trump placed as president. This shows what he tweets himself, but also which tweets are addressed to the American president and in which virtual world he interferes. This often involves extremists, cheaters and also spies.

About a thousand tweets per minute are sent to Trumps account, with the intention of reaching him. This includes tags such as #HitlerDidNothingWrong and #IslamIsSatanism. Trump’s regular retweets show that at least some of these tweets are being seen.

Trump is bombarded by thousands of tweets from fake accounts that can be related to the intelligence services of Russia, China and Iran, according to research by The New York Times. These are Iranian accounts that tweeted that Trump is being “controlled” by Zionists or Russian accounts that tagged Trump at least 30,000 times in tweets about the wall on the Mexican border or about how he deals with black American football players. Trump himself retweeted a tweet from a Russian fake account that said “We love you, Mr. President.”

Trump retired at least 145 tweets from unverified accounts that dealt with conspiracy theories or extreme ideas. A number of these accounts have since been suspended by Twitter.

Trump himself tweets with great regularity about deep-state conspiracies against himself and in particular accused many treason Democrats, including president Nancy Pelosi of the American House of Representatives.

The New York Times writes that with his twitter behavior Trump has helped to “spread a culture of suspicion and distrust of facts in politics”.

In the past, the American president, among other things, retorted messages from conspiracy supporters, including people who regularly tweeted about ‘pizza hole’; a conspiracy theory about Democratic politicians who would run a child abuse network from a pizza place in Washington.

Also, many of his followers and also Trump retweets are the links to the QAnon movement, an extreme right-wing group that believes in a deep state conspiracy against Trump and his supporters. This deep state would be an elite network that deals with satanism, pedophilia and cannibalism. The FBI sees QAnon as a potential domestic terrorism threat.

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