The Swiss Air Force can hope for a positive referendum on the procurement of F-35 fighter jets. A majority of the Swiss are in favour of closer cooperation with NATO. Army spending is also to be increased.

Because Switzerland had taken over all EU sanctions against Moscow since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, it is already a war party, according to Christoph Blocher.

“The most cruel weapon we have in the war is the bread barrier,” said the still influential figure of the National Conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) in a recent panel discussion, quoting – quite typical of Blocher – the well–known Zurich reformer Zwingli.

For Blocher, Switzerland is no longer neutral – and has betrayed its most holy principle.

Every political camp in Switzerland claims to describe what neutrality means. Accordingly, a new dispute of interpretation flared up as a result of Russia’s war. According to former Social Democratic Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, Blocher’s position does not correspond to neutrality. She addressed her longtime adversary personally: “Christoph! Not accepting sanctions means taking the side of the aggressor. That means sympathy for Putin.“

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