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98 percent of Swiss population have CoV2 antibodies

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Seroprevalence data (this is the percentage of people with antibodies) from Corona Immunitas (June/July 2022) show that more than 98% of the Swiss population has antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Due to the immunity situation, the currently predominant virus variants and the expected low virus circulation in spring/summer 2023, it can be assumed that people without risk factors have a very low risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 in spring/summer 2023 .

For this reason, no recommendation for vaccination against Covid-19 is given.

FOPH and EKIF (Eidgenössische Kommission für Impffragen) recommend vaccination for particularly high-risk persons (BGP) from the age of 16 only if the Attending Physician considers it medically indicated in view of the epidemiological situation in the individual case and a temporarily increased protection against serious illness can be expected.

The physicians collective advocates discontinuing current mRNA (repeat) vaccines because of their low effectiveness, likelihood of serious side effects, the unexplained excess mortality and indications of risks during pregnancy and unfamiliarity with the long-term risks of the genetic vaccines for the child.

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