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A Teacher “Over-invested” in his class, the school is against it

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Now politicians fight for secondary school teacher Stefan Achermann. For the teachers’ association, the case is also “very unusual”.

The case of the Schlieremer Sek teacher Stefan Achermann goes on. For around 70,000 francs out of his own wallet he bought equipment for his classroom – including additional computers. But now Achermann has quit because the school administration had asked him to rebuild the private IT installations. The reason is:

The classrooms are being rebuilt and standardized for a new IT concept. The students are disappointed. They are collecting signatures and distribute flyers in the school.

Now the case of the 54-year-old teacher has made the agenda for the politics of Schlieren. On Wednesday morning, CVP County Councilor Sarah Impusino has submitted a formal request. She wants to know from the city council, among other things, on what legal requirements the school Schlieren decided against the use of individual aids. And:

“Are you aware that valuable experience could vanish as a result?”

Impersonino knows Achermann, her daughter goes to school where he works:

“I think he is great, his lessons are lively, varied and inspire the students.” It would be a great loss if Achermann now effectively left school. In my view, the chances of this situation changing are very small,” says Impusino.

With her request, she wants to make sure that the school rethinks the decision.

“In the meantime, other cases are also known to me in which young and promising teachers have quit – obviously not everything seems to be going round here.”

The umbrella organization for teachers in Switzerland (LCH) is also aware of the case in Schlieren, as confirmed by Beat A. Schwendimann, head of the pedagogical office. “This situation is very unusual in many ways.” So it is extremely rare for a teacher to invest so much himself; and on the other hand, when it comes to equity, one usually speaks of a schoolroom or school being too poorly equipped and not too good.

“Basically, the behavior of Mr. Achermann is very welcome and it is a pity, if a motivated teacher leaves because of such a difference of opinion,” said Schwendimann.

It would have been desirable if the two parties could have agreed. “Teachers should be involved in the discussion of schoolroom equipment.”

The digital infrastructure is an important issue in schools throughout Switzerland. “There are exemplary communities and cantons that provide their own budget for this – but there is also the opposite, where the costs for digital devices are passed on to the parents,” says Schwendimann. Then the equal opportunities would be particularly endangered. “It’s then a question of parents’ income, and all students have different devices in the classroom.”

In addition, there is currently a great need for well-trained teachers in the computer science sector – there are even waiting lists for further education. Schwendimann therefore does not believe that Achermann must worry about a further employment. On the contrary: “If he is flexible at work, it should not be difficult for him to find a new job soon.”

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