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ARM is planing to produce physical CPUs

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ARM wants to show what the company is capable of with a new chip. According to insiders, it is the company’s most advanced attempt to bake chips on its own to date.

ARM will enlist the help of manufacturing partners for the project. Recently, we already reported that the company had made a deal with Intel to have its own chips produced. Normally, ARM sells the blueprints of designs to other parties, who then apply it in their products. For example, almost all phones on the market use such a design.

So the question is whether Arm is actually competing with parties that use Arm chip designs. Previously, ARM had already produced chips, but these were aimed at software developers. Such designs were a kind of proof-of-concept rather than an attempt to introduce a commercial product directly. Now that could be different, although the company has multiple motives.

One of the possible reasons that the showcase chip is being created is that parent company SoftBank is going to list Arm on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. An impressive muscle display could lead to higher investments. The Financial Times reports that the company has established a ‘solutions engineering’team, led by Kevork Kechichian. Kechichian previously served as a top executive at NXP and Qualcomm.

According to experts, entering into the competition makes it difficult for Arm to stick to neutrlity. This means that it acts as a neutral party, with collaborations throughout the chip industry.

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