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Charging station for EVs are still a problem

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The European Parliament wants more charging stations for electric cars to be installed faster. Charging cars should also become more user-friendly.

According to the European Parliament, the most important motorways in the European Union should have charging stations for electric cars, buses and trucks on average every 60 kilometers by 2026. Also, by 2028, at least two charging stations should be installed in all truck parking lots.

In addition, the European Parliament wants a higher minimum load capacity of the charging stations than the European Commission proposes. The new policy makes exceptions for remote areas, islands and roads with very little traffic.

“Currently we have 377 000 charging stations in the EU, but this is half the number that should have been achieved if the EU countries had kept their promises,” said German MEP Ismail Ertug (Social Democrats).

More time is taken for refueling on hydrogen. By 2028, according to the parliament, a hydrogen station should be installed on average every 100 kilometers.

The European Parliament wants EU member states to present a plan for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure by 2024.

According to parliament, the price at the charging station should be displayed per kilowatt hour or per kilo. Charging stations should also be accessible to all car brands and paying should be ‘easy’.

The European Parliament also wants a single European Information point by 2027 for data on alternative fuels, such as prices, waiting times and availability at charging stations across the EU. Parliament is now starting negotiations on the agreements with the member states.

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