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D66 and CDA want directive and supervisor for government algorithms

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D66 and CDA want stricter rules for the use of algorithms by the government. There must be a special watchdog that monitors the use. There should also be a guideline that determines in which cases the use of algorithms is justified.

The reason for this is news coverage by the NOS about the government that uses predictive algorithms on a large scale, but that is not always clear to citizens. Sometimes those algorithms can have negative effects, such as discrimination.

"From that reporting it appears that there is a proliferation of algorithms in the government," says D66 MP Kees Verhoeven. "But nowhere is that recorded centrally."

Not against algorithms

Verhoeven and his colleague MP Harry van der Molen of the CDA are submitting a motion today to ask the cabinet for this. "We want a supervisor who can sometimes say: no, the chance of discrimination is too great here," said Verhoeven. "I am not against using algorithms, but that question is not asked now."

The directive must make clear in which cases the use of algorithms is justified or not. It is still to be decided whether a completely new supervisor should be introduced or whether, for example, the Personal Data Authority will be given additional powers.

According to CDA member Van der Molen, the government has the responsibility to be open about its use of algorithms and to use them meticulously. The two MPs think that a majority supports their proposal.

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