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Gallus Experience Center to host Asahi Photoproducts presentation

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Asahi Photoproducts, a producer of flexographic photopolymer plates, is participating in the Gallus Experience Days, taking place from June 21 to 23, 2023, at the new Gallus Experience Center in Switzerland. Asahi will showcase environmentally friendly solutions, such as the CleanPrint technology for plates that can be etched with water.

With Gallus and Esko as partners, Asahi will present a production line for plates that can be etched with water at Gallus’ event.

At the Gallus Experience Days in St. Gallen (Switzerland), Asahi is unpacking environmentally friendly solutions for plates CleanPrint AWP-DEW and AWP CleanFlat.

Customers attending the event can watch a demonstration of CleanPrint, a technology for etching plates with water. Asahi will also present the plate AWP CleanFlat, a plate with flat printing points that is also etched with water and guarantees homogeneous and high print quality.

Asahi’s experts will be present to explain the company’s sustainability strategy, such as the carbon neutrality certificate awarded by The Carbon Trust to AWP plates in 2022. “That certification underlines the company’s commitment to making all its operations carbon neutral by 2505,” says Dieter Niederstadt, technical marketing director at Asahi.

Dieter Niederstadt incidentally gave a presentation – The Road Toward Solvent Zero – in which he also explained the new recycling unit for the water used to etch the plates.

“Asahi’s plate that can be etched with water has been on the market for 15 years,” Niederstadt specifies, “and we continue to improve it, both for the industry and the environment.”

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