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Giant Australian crab spider becomes a star of social media

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An Australian woman experienced the horror of her life when she walked through her house and suddenly saw a giant spider on the wall. Laree Clarke did not want to hurt the animal, but rather did not want it in her house and she called on the internet for help.

“Is there anyone who could remove this from my house,” she wrote on Facebook. It soon became clear that it was a hunting crab spider. With their legs, these spiders can span 15 to even 30 centimeters. They are more common in Australia and, despite their size, are not aggressive or dangerous to humans. On the contrary, they would even be a good help against vermin.

That did not alter the fact that Facebook completely flipped with the images. Some advised the woman to move or set fire to her house and run away as quickly as possible. Fortunately there was also someone who lived nearby and offered to help her just put the spider outside. That is also what ultimately happened. Together they was able to put the animal on a tree.

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