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Google puts ‘climate change’ into law, heretics will be prosecuted

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Google will no longer place ads on websites that show ‘disinformation’ about the climate. This new policy applies to both the search engine and the video platform YouTube, the company reports.

The platform hopes to prevent people from making money with content that “misrepresents the causes of climate change”.

Denying that global temperatures are rising, describing climate change as a hoax and refusing to admit that human activity contributes to the climate problem are, according to Google, examples of fake climate news.

“Advertisers don’t want their ads to be displayed alongside these types of claims,” says Google without specifying of what advertisers really think and what scientific data is behind.

The company is committed to” promoting sustainable practices” in order to tackle climate change. Fake news and disinformation about the climate problem will continue to be found via Google and YouTube, but the creators can no longer make any money from it.

Facebook, Google’s biggest competitor in the digital advertising market, is making efforts to make scientific knowledge about the climate more accessible. However, there is no advertising ban on the platform.

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