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Google releases an open source hardware authorization kit

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Google launches OpenSK. That code should make it easier for other parties to create hardware security keys.

With OpenSK, Google is introducing an open-source tool for creating FIDO2-compatible security keys. Such keys enable two-factor authentication. The combination of safe hardware and software in things makes them unique, so that you can only unlock accounts when you have the key.

OpenSK is a developer kit written in Rust to make such keys. The code is made to measure for Nordic chips, because they support all FIDO2 transport standards such as low energy Bluetooth, NFC and of course USB. Moreover, they are affordable, it sounds in a blog post, although the top term is absolutely possible to also support other hardware. Google places OpenSK on Github and launches files with which you can easily print a 3D housing for the supported dongle.

OpenSK is built to run on the TockOS operating system. This is a customized OS for IoT applications with a secure structure in which applications can be easily isolated from the kernel. This improves safety.

The intention is that developers approach OpenSK as a development and research platform and thus develop new functionality. Two-factor authentication is essential for those who want to adequately protect their accounts, and keys are an important form of this. However, the embrace of two-factor authentication remains very low, certainly at companies. That is especially striking when you know that compromised accounts are the main vector through which hackers gain access to a system.

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