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Hackers steal tens of thousands of users via Facebook quizzes

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Two Ukrainian hackers have used quizzes on Facebook to steal data from more than 60,000 users.

According to The Daily Beast, that appears from documents belonging to a federal lawsuit that the company started on Friday.

When users played a quiz, “malicious browser extensions” were installed on their phones, tablets and computers. As a result, the hackers had access to the profiles and friends lists. That information was then sent to several foreign servers.

The two hackers used the information obtained to set up fake ads and place them on the newsfeed of the users.

Facebook now sues the hackers, who operated from the Ukrainian capital Kiev, for illegal hacking, fraud and violating the terms of service of the social medium.

According to Facebook, mainly Russian users have fallen victim to the hackers. CEO Mark Zuckerburg recently announced that Facebook is going through a major change of course, with more attention being paid to the privacy of users.

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