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Hoch-Ybrig gets new, advanced elevator

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Next winter you will find a new tow lift in the Swiss ski area Hoch-Ybrig. The old pancake lift Fuederegg from 1970 has been replaced by a modern variant. Actually, the elevator should have been replaced as early as 2021, but unfortunately, due to delays with the building permit, construction had to be postponed. In this article you can read all about the New Fuederegg tow lift in Hoch-Ybrig.

New elevator in Hoch-Ybrig replaces more than 50-year-old model

For more than 50 years, the Fuederegg pancake lift has provided faithful service to winter sports enthusiasts in Hoch-Ybrig. Plans for the renewal of the tow lift were already on the table and in 2021 they even made a first start, but unfortunately everything had to be postponed due to delays with the building permit. Fortunately, good news finally came at the beginning of this year and the retirement of the nostalgic hitchhiker was officially heralded. In the spring of 2022, the elevator was taken down in one day. After that, reconstruction began.

The New Fuederegg in Hoch-Ybrig is not only a lot more modern, but also faster. From now on, you will be up a few seconds earlier. The trajectory has been adjusted somewhat. The exit is now a little further to the left on the mountain. A big advantage for beginners is that the New Fuederegg arrives a lot slower, so there is more time to grab the tow lift and get in.

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