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Ice shield six times the size of Germany melted in Arctic

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The seas of the world are getting free of ice. This is reflected in the fifth report of the European observation Copernicus program. In the report, published annually, 150 scientists commissioned by the European Commission indicate how rapidly the oceans are changing as a result of man.

According to the report, Arctic ice continues to shrink: between 1979 and 2020, the Arctic lost an ice surface about of more than 2 million km2. Since 1979, the ice has shrunk by 12.89 percent per decade. The lowest levels have been recorded in the last two years. The report warns: if the Arctic sea ice melts further, this could contribute to regional warming, erosion of the Arctic coasts and a change in global weather.

The report also highlights the worst consequences: global warming and melting land ice are leading to sea levels rising 2.5 millimetres per year in the Mediterranean and 3.1 millimetres worldwide. As an example of the consequences that are threatening, the report gives the Venice flood in November 2019, when the water level rose to 1.89 meters. The warming of the oceans also means that sea animals seek cooler water or that stocks are shrinking.

Another insight: extreme fluctuations due to heat and cold waves in the North Sea are directly related to changes in fishing. They shall include sole, lobster, sea bass and edible crab.

“Climate change, environmental pollution and excessive exploitation have put unprecedented pressure on the oceans,” said Karina von Schuckmann, Chairman of the “Ocean State Report”, in a communication accompanying the report.


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