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Interest to organic food fades during pandemic

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As in previous years, the number of farmers switching to organic farming is growing less rapidly. According to Bionext, this is partly due to the lower demand for organic products. There is also uncertainty about agricultural policy, which makes farmers reluctant to make the Switch.

According to Bionext, based on figures from Skal bio-control supervisor, last year the area of organic farmland increased by 5.9% to just 80,000 hectares. The number of registered farms grew from 2076 to 2115. Despite the growth, for the sixth year in a row fewer farmers switch to organic farming. In 2016, 245 farmers switched over, 124 in 2019 and 96 last year.

Bionext claims that the organic market share in the Dutch supermarket is relatively small by 3.2%. If the demand for organic farming were to increase, more farmers would also want to make the Switch, says the industry organisation. Bionext sees, among other things, a role for the government which could launch a public campaign. Retailers could also encourage the purchase of organic products.

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