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Israeli company is about to test orally-administered COVID vaccine

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According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, Israel is about to become the first country to test an oral coronavirus vaccine. The company Oravax Medical is still awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health. It’s expected in a few weeks.

CEO Nadav Kidron of parent company Oramed Pharmaceuticals says that the coronavirus vaccine should first be tested on 24 volunteers who have not yet received another vaccine. Half of them take one pill, the other half Take Two. Then, among other things, how many antibodies are produced.

Kidron sees all kinds of benefits if it succeeds in developing a vaccine that people can swallow. This does not need to be administered by professionals and could be distributed on a large scale. “People may even take the vaccine at home.”

The company has already had several thousand pills produced that can be used in the research. According to Kidron, the goal is to demonstrate that the concept is feasible.

“I pray and hope it works. Imagine that people have been vaccinated after we have given them an oral vaccine” ” the top man says. “That would be a revolution for the whole world.”

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