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Keukenhof has to plant 30 percent more bulbs and improve variety due to longer season

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The Keukenhof in Lisse, South Holland, needs to plant more bulbs to anticipate the erratic temperature peaks and lows in the winter. The number of planted bulbs has risen by around 30 percent in recent years. More different types of flower bulbs are being planted to guarantee visitors colorful fields between mid-March and mid-May. That tells Keukenhof director Bart Siemerink.

“We see that the winter weather has become much more volatile in recent years,” says Siemerink. “Temperature peaks and troughs alternate at a rapid pace. And nature responds: it is currently 12 degrees outside, so the first leaves are already above ground. It’s early January, so that is indeed relatively early.”

Keukenhof must anticipate these developments.

“Every year between mid-March and mid-May, one and a half million visitors come to Lisse and they count on colorful bulb fields,” the director explains.

“That is why we have partly changed the planting in recent years. We have started to plant more different species that flower earlier or later in the season. And we plant 30 percent more bulbs to prevent certain fields from failing and in the weeks that we open are not offering the flowers that people come for. ”

It is quite possible that a cold period will still occur in February or early March, Siemerink sketches. “We do, however, provide some extra crocuses that bloom early and are better able to withstand the cold,” says the Keukenhof director.

“But when it becomes a warm February month, those crocuses have already finished flowering when the park opens. In addition, we are opting for more flowers that will not flower until May, because we also have to offer the promised splendor in the last weeks of the two months that we are open. “

Keukenhof covers 32 hectares of land where a total of around seven million flower bulbs are planted.

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