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Longer intervals between vaccinations produce more antibodies?

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Over 80 people who had an interval of 12 weeks between their first and second doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine produce more than three times as many antibodies as peers who had a three-week break. This is the result of research by the University of Birmingham, which was published on Friday.

The investigation was conducted because the British government had announced that the second shot would be postponed. This should allow as many people as possible to receive their first dose as soon as possible.

The 12-week interval group of over 80 had 3.5 times as many antibodies in their blood as the group three weeks apart.

Both groups were equally well protected after the first shot. The scientists believe that extending the period between injections will lead to longer protection against the coronavirus.

The researchers think that this probably also applies to younger people, although more research needs to be done. Whether such a difference also occurs with coronavirus vaccines from other manufacturers is not yet clear.

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