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More watts to the square metre: 5G regulation changed in Brussels

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The Brussels government will raise the current radiation standard to 14.5 V/m, making it finally possible to roll out 5G in Brussels. The Brussels Minister of Leemenvironment Céline Fremault (cdH) refused to raise radiation standards in 2019 out of concern for radiation.

For the government, the health of the people of Brussels remains paramount. This is why the region still has the highest radiation standards in the country. These are well below the values recommended by the WHO and ICNIRP (International Commission on non-ionising radiation protection).

The government took the decision after taking note of the second report of the 5G coordination platform and the recommendations of the 5G Consultation Committee of the Brussels Parliament.

Specific provisions on mobile telephony infrastructure will also be included in the new regional town planning regulation and the amended decision on licence exemptions.

A Citizens ‘ Committee of the Brussels parliament recently proposed the introduction of zones where there is no 5G signal, so that they can compare the impact of 5G radiation on the environment and health.

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