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Netflix will try to succeed where the titans failed

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Netflix’s vice president of Game Development Mike Verdu confirms that the company is “seriously investigating” cloud gaming. Previously, vacancies for such a service already appeared. The cloud gaming would be intended primarily for TVs and PCs.

Verdu says, according to Protocol, that the company wants to approach cloud gaming in the same way it has approached smartphone gaming: “start small, be modest, be thoughtful, but it’s a step I think we need to take.”Not many details are known about the service yet, but Verdu, according to Protocol, suggested not only wanting to bring casual games to TVs.

How these games should be managed is not yet clear. Verdu did not want to go into the question of whether Netflix wants to develop a game controller itself, as Google did with Stadia. However, he said that the cloud gaming titles would not be controlled with tv remotes. Recently, Google just stopped Stadia, but Verdu does not see that as a reason to stop using it either. “Stadia was a technical success,” Verdu says, according to TechCrunch. “There were some problems with the revenue model.”According to TechCrunch, there is no question of console or VR gaming for the time being.

To speed up the development of its own games, Verdu announces that Netflix will open a fifth game studio. It will be directed by Chacko Sonny, a former Blizzard executive who was executive producer on Overwatch 2. Sonny left Blizzard a year ago.

Netflix announced that it now has 55 games in development, with the company presumably referring to the smartphone games. Now Netflix offers 35 smartphone games. The company wants to focus in part on Netflix series to create games based on this.

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