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Podcast: MH17 survivor, desert rock and fatal Houdini act

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This week announced the date of the trial of the men suspected of being involved in the downing of the MH17. We spoke to Evert van Zijtvelt, who lost two children and his in-laws. With what feeling did he listen to this news?

Thomas Rueb and Laura H., The Caliphate Girl from Zoetermeer, won the Brusseprijs for the best journalistic book. After the presentation, Rueb explained how he could reconstruct Laura's story.

An Indian illusionist wanted to imitate a trick of the legendary buoy king Houdini, and was chained under water. It went wrong and he drowned. Has magician Hans Kazan ever been tempted to imitate Houdini?

The Tuaregs are a desert people that live mainly in Mali. The Tinariwen is the best known Tuareg band. They make desert rock and performed in Paradiso this week.

Every Saturday the editors of Met het Oog op Morgen select the most beautiful conversations of the past week, bundled in a podcast of half an hour.

01:02 – Relatives about MH17 process

11:27 – Brusse prize winner Thomas Rueb

21:12 – Did Hans Kazan ever do a Houdini act?

27:55 – Desert Rock with the Tuaregs

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