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RCS Lab hackware used to crack Androids open

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Google claims that software from Italian company RCS Lab has been used to spy on iPhones and Android phones. At least that would have happened in Italy and Kazakhstan, the tech giant said in a report on Thursday.

Google writes that the Milan-based company has developed several tools that allow spying on private messages and contacts from devices. That would have actually happened in Italy and Kazakhstan. It is not clear how many people were monitored.

According to researcher Bill Marczak of the security company Citizen Lab, the tools of the Italian company are not as advanced as the well-known Pegasus spyware. He does state that with the software it is still possible to read messages and view passwords.

Google researchers also say that RCS Lab has previously collaborated with the controversial spy company Hacking Team. That company, which went bankrupt in 2015, would have similarly created software to tap phones and computers belonging to foreign governments, according to the tech giant.

According to RCS Lab, Google’s claims are false. The company told Reuters that its products and services comply with European regulations and that it is working with law enforcement agencies.

Google says it has taken measures to protect users of its Android systems. The persons concerned were also informed about the spyware. In a statement, Apple said it had “revoked all known accounts and certificates associated with this hacking campaign.”

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