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Renewable energy will dominate over coal in 2025

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Renewable fuels are the main source of electricity production in 2025 instead of coal. That’s what the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in the World Energy Outlook published Tuesday.

Solar energy in particular will contribute to the growth spurt that makes renewable energy as a source of electricity production. Solar energy accounts for 80% of that, the IEA says.

“I see solar energy as the new king of global electricity markets,” says IEA-topman Fatih Birol. “Based on today’s policy, we are on a schedule in which from 2022 annual records are broken for their use.”

Solar energy has the wind with it thanks to increasing scale and subsidies, thus reducing costs. The construction of parks with solar panels is now, according to the IEA, more advantageous in most countries than building a new coal or gas plant.

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