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Russia launched Luna-25 after 47 years of the last lunar probe

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Russia successfully launched the lunar lander Luna-25 on Thursday. The spacecraft is expected to land on the moon in about two weeks.

This marks Russia’s first lunar mission in 47 years. Luna-25 will spend five days in lunar orbit before taking an additional five to seven days to make its landing on the moon’s surface.

The launch took place from Vostochny, a spaceport located in the far east of Russia. Residents of a nearby village were temporarily evacuated due to the possibility of rocket debris falling. The Russian space agency Roscosmos live-streamed the launch.

Luna-25’s ultimate destination is the moon’s south pole, where water in the form of ice is believed to be present. India has also sent a spacecraft to the same region, set to land on August 23, around the same time as Luna-25. However, Russia states that their missions do not interfere with each other.

In 1966, the Soviet Union became the first country to achieve a soft landing on the moon. The last Soviet lunar mission took place a decade later.

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